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Elogix conducts research and offers MDM, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, and AI/ML research services. icon icon

Our Data Science and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Research Lab offers MDM, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, and AI/ML research services. Recognising data's vital role, our professionals maximise its value, providing efficient data management, analytics insights, and cutting-edge AI/ML innovations for businesses to gain a competitive advantage.
We have a dedicated business unit focused on advancing innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our lab works on identifying high-value AI use cases, developing tools and models, implementing an organisation-wide AI vision, and showcasing solutions using optimal software and hardware combinations.
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Our Lab Team

Our cross-functional team brings together mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists and data science experts led by industry veterans. We are continuously training in cutting-edge areas like machine learning, deep learning, statistical modeling and natural language processing.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Research and development of AI/ML applications
  • Statistical, predictive and prescriptive modeling
  • Data mining and advanced analytics
  • Self-learning algorithms and agents
  • Neural networks and cognitive computing
  • Natural language and speech processing
  • Data visualisation and augmented analytics
  • Responsible AI practices
Elogix's artificial intelligence and product engineering team focuses primarily on neural networks ,cognitive computing, natural language and speech processing.

We leverage on the latest AI/ML tech stack to rapidly prototype, rigorously test and seamlessly deploy AI solutions at enterprise scale. Get in touch with us to connect with our lab experts to explore how AI and advanced data science can transform your business!

From Problem to Solution: Our AI-Driven Approach to Business Challenges

Clients Across Industries Join as Beta Partners
Problem statements
Use Cases
Joint Problem Scenario Definition
Clients: Participate in defining problem scenarios
Elogix: Leverages client input to formulate problems
Elogix Builds AI Solutions
Uses: Client data
Uses: Client use cases
Addresses: Client problem statements
Integration With Client Systems
Elogix: Integrates solutions with client systems
Real-Time Testing and Refinement
Clients: Participate in defining problem scenarios
Clients: Evaluate Elogix solutions
Full Deployment
Robust, tailored AI tools solving real business challenges
Continuous impact on bottom lines
Lower risk adopting new tech

Tech Stack

  • Jupyter Notebook- original web application for creating and sharing computational documents.
  • Google Colaboratory - a hosted Jupyter Notebook service
  • pandas - open source data analysis and manipulation tool
  • Matplotlib - library for creating static, animated, and interactive visualizations in Python.
  • seaborn - a Python data visualization library