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Expert software developer at Elogix specialised in Java and Microsoft tech suites, coding and analysing data for application development and product engineering. icon icon

With over two decades of experience building complex software systems for enterprises across the globe, our experts can develop cost-effective, custom solutions tailored to your specific business requirements. Microsoft & Java tech suites are two of our major pillars.
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Microsoft Practice

As a leading Microsoft solutions partner deeply immersed in the Microsoft ecosystem, we help clients reimagine their business with the dynamic Microsoft toolset.
We guide your core Microsoft adoption—from workload assessment to migration to building entirely net-new solutions.
Our expert architects and .NET developers uncover opportunities to better leverage Microsoft investments you already own or leverage open source techs.


Key Features:

  • Cloud migration advisory and Azure optimised application development.
  • Rapid prototyping leveraging Power Platform.
  • Advanced analytics solutions with Power BI.
  • Custom .NET and C# enterprise application development.
  • API integration with Azure.

Microsoft tech stack we master in

  • C# -
  • TypeScript
  • SQL Server - T-SQL, PL/SQL
Frameworks & Libraries
  • NET Framework
  • .NET Core
  • Unity, Prism - UI Frameworks
Tools & Servers
  • Visual Studio IDE
  • MSBuild
  • Azure DevOps - CI/CD pipelines
Cloud & Data
  • MS Azure - Cloud platform
  • Azure SQL - Cloud SQL
  • Azure Storage - Cloud storage
  • Microservices architecture
  • Serverless computing with Azure Functions
  • Multi-tier architecture
  • SOA - Service oriented architecture
  • Monolithic apps migrating to Microservices

Java Open Source Practice

We have some of the most highly-skilled Java programmers to build, deploy and maintain robust enterprise-grade applications for our clients across industries.

Leveraging our deep expertise in Java/J2EE, SQL, Spring Framework, Hibernate, and popular open source technologies, we develop customised web/mobile apps and backend services that are high-performing, secure and optimised for the cloud.

Our Java developers follow agile methodologies and best coding practices for long-term software maintainability. We also contribute extensively to open source Java projects which is a passion projet to build a robust Java community.

Elogix utilises .NET, C++, Java, Microsoft SQL, and various other coding languages in its software development.

Key Features:

  • Java application design, development, testing and support services
  • Building microservices and APIs for modern architecture
  • Scalable cloud-native Java deployment on AWS, Azure and GCP
  • Java application migration, modernisation and consolidation
  • Performance tuning and optimisation
  • Dedicated Java development teams scaled to project needs

Java tech stack we master in

Build Tools & Servers:
  • Maven, Gradle - Build automation tools
  • Apache Tomcat, JBoss, GlassFish - Application servers
  • Jenkins - Continuous integration /deployment Bamboo - CI/CD by Atlassian
Data & Messaging:
  • JDBC, JPA - Connecting to SQL databases
  • MongoDB, Cassandra, Redis - NoSQL databases
  • Kafka - Messaging system
  • Elasticsearch, Solr, Lucene - Search/Analytics
Architecture Paradigms:
  • Traditional n-tier architecture
  • Microservices using Spring Cloud, Docker
  • SOA - Service oriented architecture
  • Serverless (FaaS) on AWS Lambda, Azure Functions
  • Java - Core language
  • Groovy, Scala - JVM languages that interoperate with Java
  • SQL, PL/SQL - For database programming
  • Spring - Spring MVC, Spring Boot,
    Spring Cloud, Spring Data, etc.
  • Hibernate - Object Relational Mapper (ORM) framework
  • Struts - MVC framework for web applications
  • Play - Scala/Java web app framework
  • Spark - For big data analytics
  • JUnit, TestNG, Mockito - Testing frameworks

Tech Stack

  • Microsoft dot net .NET
  • C++
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Visual Studio
  • TypeScript
  • Java
  • AWS Lambda
  • Spring Boot
  • Hibernate ORM , object–relational mapping tool, Hibernate
  • Angular
  • Node.js , node js
  • Scala
  • Jenkins
  • Apache Spark
  • JUnit , JUnit5
  • Apache Tomcat