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Stella Blu and Elogix created Medepal using technologies like spring security, spring data jpa, apache kafka etc icon icon


Stellablue Interactive Services foresaw the need for a more integrated approach to healthcare. As a result, they conceptualized the forward-looking MEDePAL's digital platform. This platform was specifically designed to bridge healthcare gaps that existed in the current system. Subsequently, Elogix Software partnered with Stella Blu to turn their vision into reality and create a world-class healthcare product.

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Problem Statement

The goal of MEDePAL was to create a user-centric healthcare platform that would benefit both providers and individuals. Patients, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, faced significant challenges in efficiently managing their healthcare. These challenges included:

  • Miss appointments
  • Forget to take prescriptions
  • Order unnecessary tests due to missing health data
  • Struggle to get homebound family members needed medication deliveries
  • Make dangerous medical mistakes
  • This fractured system often led to missed appointments, forgotten prescriptions, unnecessary tests due to missing health data, difficulties in securing medication deliveries for homebound family members, and even dangerous medical mistakes. In essence, patients and caregivers struggled to consolidate and manage every aspect of their ongoing healthcare journeys.

Recognizing these shortcomings in the healthcare system, and the resulting subpar outcomes for patients, Stella Blu developed MedePal as a solution. This is how MedePal is created.


Onboarding of Doctors and Individuals
Easy Registration for Patients and Medical Providers

Our quick signup options, including social logins, facilitate a streamlined account creation process for patients and medical providers like Individual Practitioners, Clinics, Pharmacies, and Diagnostic Labs. This enables user onboarding onto the MedePal platform within minutes.

Onboarding of Medical Service Providers
Intuitive Doctor Discovery and Appointment Scheduling

Finding the right doctor is made intuitive with filters for specialty, location, and patient ratings. Doctor qualification information is also readily available. Patients can conveniently book or reschedule appointments 24/7 online.

Doctor Search and Appointment Booking
Unified Health Record Management System

MEDePAL compiles previously hard-to-gather records like prescriptions, medical history, and pathology reports, providing instant access for connected patients and medical professionals. This facilitates better-informed treatment decisions. The system also tracks medication schedules for added convenience.

Online Prescription Generation and Management
Hassle-Free Medicine Ordering and Reminders

Patients can easily order medications, both for personal use and those obtained from prescriptions. The platform provides medication refill reminders and even automates medicine purchase orders based on the medicine tracker.

Medicine Ordering and Payment Integration
Data Security

MEDePAL prioritizes data security with robust measures that strictly conform to healthcare regulatory and privacy best practices.

By compiling hard-to-gather health data into one secure platform, MedePal enables instant, comprehensive records access for both patients and authorized healthcare providers. This ultimately leads to optimal treatment planning and improved health outcomes.

Tech Stack

  • Spring Security - Java/Java EE framework
  • Spring Data JPA
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache ZooKeeper
  • Jenkins - an open source automation server
  • Apache Maven
  • spring boot
  • logo icon
  • Spring Framework
  • Java
Tools: Eclipse (Mars), VS Code
Web Server: Tomcat 8.5 - Embedded with Spring boot
DB: MySQL 5.8